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Modern Frameworks:
Secure by Design

Our products and solutions are aligned with the Secure by Design and Secure by Default Frameworks signed by the top cybersecurity standards agencies. Shifting the Balance of Cybersecurity Risk: Principles and Approaches for Secure by Design Software publication encourages software developers,To accomplish this high standard of software security, the authoring organizations encourage manufacturers to prioritize the integration of product security as a critical prerequisite to features and speed to market.”

  • Perfect secrecy is the ultimate in Secure by Design and Secure by Default.
  • We have made it accessible, affordable, and adaptable.
  • It is unbreakable by classical and quantum computers.
Secure by Design

Our Competitive Advantage: Secure by Design

Secure by Design is a holistic approach to security that considers security at every stage of product development, from design to implementation to deployment. This means that security is built into the core architecture of QuSmart.AI™ products and is not an afterthought.

Our Competitive Advantage: Secure by Default

Secure by Default is a specific set of security principles that ensure that products are secure out of the box, with no extra configuration needed. This means that customers can be confident that their data and applications are protected.

We include Secure by Design Principles in our Code

We Use Memory Safe Languages and Memory Safe Coding

Our QuSmart™ and Titanium™ Engine products and solutions are built with memory-safe languages and memory safe coding.

“Using a memory safe language can help prevent programmers from introducing certain types of memory-related issues.” National Security Agency | Cybersecurity Information Sheet: Software Memory Safety

The National Security Agency (NSA) has recognized the importance of memory-safe programming languages as part of its cybersecurity strategy. Memory-safe languages are designed to prevent or mitigate common memory management errors, which can be exploited in cyber attacks. 

Our developers use Rust, a memory-safe language, to develop our products. 

  1. Memory Safety Issues: Traditional languages like C and C++ are known for their speed and control but are prone to memory safety issues, such as buffer overflows and use-after-free vulnerabilities. Attackers often target these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access or cause a denial of service.

  2. Advantages of Memory-Safe Languages: Languages such as Rust, Swift, and Go are considered memory-safe. They are designed to automatically manage memory, reducing the risk of the memory safety bugs that can lead to security vulnerabilities. For example, Rust uses a borrowing and ownership model to ensure memory safety at compile time, which can prevent a whole class of runtime errors.

  3. NSA’s Recommendation: The NSA, recognizing the security benefits, recommends using memory-safe languages for developing critical infrastructure and security-sensitive software. By using these languages, developers can reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities in their code, leading to more secure software systems.

We embed Zero Trust Architecture in our products to meet Secure by Design

We use Zero Trust Architecture in our products

Our QuSmart™ and Titanium™ Engine products and solutions are built to integrate with Microsoft Entra.

Imagine a world where security is not an afterthought, but a foundation of a product. A world where trust is never assumed, but always verified. A world where the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) that your company has built in Microsoft Entra is the controller for your QuSmart™ products and solutions.

Secure by Design: In the realm of cybersecurity, we believe in being proactive, not reactive. That’s why we’ve integrated your Microsoft Entra (Active Directory) ZTA into our systems from the ground up. With ZTA, we’ve shifted our focus from static, network-based defenses to dynamic, customer controlled and customer user-centric ones that stay in your internal Microsoft Entra dashboard. QuSmart™ products and solutions  is integrated and controlled by you in your Microsoft Entra Company Portal so you can eliminate implicit trust based on physical or network location or asset ownership. Your control of your company’s security isn’t just a feature – it’s the blueprint of our system. 

Secure by Default: We’re committed to providing you with maximum security right out of the box. Our products are designed to be secure from the get-go, with no need for additional configurations. With ZTA, every interaction between a network and a user or device is authenticated and authorized by default. This approach minimizes the attack surface, making it harder for attackers to access sensitive data. Using Microsoft Entra, you can enforce your companywide MFA, Passwordless login, Role Based Asset Controls (RBAC), Data Leak Prevention Policies, and create security groups with roles within the QuSmart™ products and solutions using employees and guest that have been added to the company’s system.  The customer has total control for their ZTA.

In essence, allowing the customer total control without having to recreate Zero Trust Architecture outside of the Microsoft Entra Ecosystem is our commitment to you. It’s our promise to give you total transparency and control to protect your resource

sonKsuru, Inc. DBA QuSmart.AI™ is a women-founded Quantum Security company with patent-pending technology for perfect secrecy solutions that are quantum proof AI solutions.

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