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QuSmart™ Cyberstorage*

Our QuSmart™ Cyberstorage using our Titanium™ Engine is for when “NOTHING”…… matters. Hackers get nothing and see nothing. Your backups and immutable storage should give away nothing.

QuSmart™ Cyberstorage represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in data storage and sharing—an AI-defined solution fortified with perfect secrecy, quantum-proof encryption, integrated advanced security, and uncompromising compliance features.

Gartner 2023 Cyberstorage Trends Report

  • By 2028, 100% of the storage products will include cyberstorage capabilities focused on active defense beyond recovery from cyber events, from 10% in early 2023.
  • Modern unstructured data storage solutions can enable better business insights and analytics workflows, among other benefits, by supporting both file and object services on a single platform, a global namespace, and metadata-based data categorization.

Quantum Secure Storage

QuSmart™ Cyberstorage uses Perfect secrecy to outperform traditional encryption methods. It's built to withstand threats posed by quantum computers.

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Our Cyberstorage product can be connected to any cloud storage Azure, Google, AWS or any other cloud provider. You keep your data in the cloud of your choice.

Stop Attacks

QuSmart™ Cyberstorage with the Titanium™ Engine offers malware, SQL Injection, Bit Flip, and RCE protection. Cyberstorage with Corruption detection.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Entra. The customer controls all Security Groups, RBAC, and Identity Governance from their Microsoft Entra portal.

QuSmart™ Cyberstorage: Advanced Security and Flexibility in Cloud Storage

Cyberstorage marks a pivotal milestone in the evolution of data storage, necessitated by the increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape. The escalation in ransomware attacks presents substantial risks to business operations and revenues and has profound implications for personal safety and national security. Attacks on healthcare facilities exemplify this and extend to the financial sector, where banks have also been targeted, jeopardizing critical financial infrastructure and consumer trust. The comprehensive protection offered by Cyberstorage is thus not just a technological advancement but a crucial step in safeguarding diverse and essential aspects of modern society.

What is the difference between Cyberstorage versus Cloud Storage?

Cyberstorage and cloud storage represent two different methodologies in data storage, each with distinct focuses and features. While both are used for storing data, their approaches vary significantly. Cyberstorage specifically refers to a method that prioritizes security in data storage. Its primary focus is on actively safeguarding data from threats like ransomware. This approach goes beyond simple storage; it involves comprehensive measures to secure data and reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks.

What is the difference between QuSmart™ Cyberstorage and other cyberstorage companies?

Your data is stored in perfect secrecy. QuSmart.AI is the only company that has created an end-to-end perfect secrecy environment solution that includes real-time data streaming, data in transit, and data at rest. Our patent pending technology is a game changer.

*Patent Pending Technology

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