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QuSmart™ File Share* shatters the mold of traditional file-sharing platforms. We firmly believe that security and user-friendliness should go hand in hand. Our dedication to both these aspects is reflected in every facet of our QuSmart™ File Share Platform. This is why our product is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Entra, ensuring a secure and smooth user experience.

Quantum-Proof Encryption

Utilizes Perfect Secrecy, known as one-time pad encryption, which is quantum proof.

Absolute Data Privacy

Ensures that your files remain completely private, accessible only to you and your intended recipients.

Simple and User-Friendly

Designed for ease of use without compromising on security.

Rapid File Transfer

Offers fast and efficient file sharing without sacrificing security.

Our Features and Competitive Advantage

  • Quantum computers pose a significant threat to conventional encryption methods. QuSmart™ File Share’s Perfect Secrecy, One Time Pad encryption, however, remains secure as each bit of plaintext is encrypted with a unique, random encryption bit, rendering quantum computational advantages irrelevant.
  • With QuSmart™ File Share, every file is encrypted with a key as long as the message itself, making it impossible for unauthorized parties to decipher your data.
  • QuSmart™ File Share combines robust security measures with a straightforward, intuitive interface, ensuring that users of all technical levels can securely share files with confidence.
  • Despite the complex encryption processes, QuSmart™ File Share is optimized for swift file transfers, ensuring that your efficiency is not compromised by your security needs.

*Patent Pending Technology

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